Toilet Paper

Papier Pur


Naturally soft

Hakle Papier Pur


Especially reliable and high quality with 4 layers.

Our Hakle products have been awarded the FSC® label. This certification guarantees that the pulp obtained for our toilet paper comes from exemplary managed forests and other controlled sources.
Hakle Papier Pur – naturally gentle toilet paper with unique feel-good embossing. Air-permeable paper structure provides extra softness.
Hakle Rolle

New compact roll and more output with 180 sheets per roll.

Naturally soft

Hakle Papier Pur – packed in paper. With this new paper packaging, Hakle sets a good example. The paper-packaged Hakle Papier Pur Naturally Gentle is an innovative, gentle, 4-layer toilet paper with 50% recycled content. The unique feel-good embossing gives maximum comfort, safety and a good feeling. With Hakle Papier Pur we save a lot of plastic and with this step we actively support a sustainable packaging solution. Out of love for our environment and for the protection of the oceans. Quality and feel good – every day. With Hakle toilet papers you will experience your very own personal care – natural, gently cleaning and soothing. Your individual extra of cleanliness, quality and care to feel good.