The Story of the shape
Product innovation

Your Beauty – your 3 Styles

The perfect delicate tissue for everything beautiful. Extra delicate, fluffy soft & tear-resistant – the unique paper tissues with 4 layers in a colourful big box.
Product innovation
Hakle recognised the great potential of grass as a natural and, above all, regionally renewable raw material and its use in paper production at an early stage. A few years ago, the idea was born to use grass for the production of sanitary paper.
Product innovation
With its mild balm and the valuable herbal witch hazel extract ULTRA med is particularly suitable for the gently caring and thorough cleansing of sensitive skin and can also have a soothing effect.

Hakle Feucht


With high-quality organic almond oil for gentle care.

Sometimes less is more: Hakle Feucht Balance is particularly rich in high-quality and nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E and lactic acid. In addition, the organic almond oil cleanses and nourishes your skin with long-lasting moisture and is also suitable for sensitive skin.
Hakle Feucht Balance


Warm season edition

Beautiful Days

In summer we are touched by the splendour of colour, intoxicated by the scent of flowers and want to enjoy the bright blue sky. The time of flowers is here! It is the enchanted gardens with their overwhelming floral splendour that let us feel nature up close and intensely.


Favourite days

The 2-ply, tear-resistant and particularly absorbent kitchen towel – the practical everyday helper for at home and on the go. Simply always right!


Our subscription service for you.

Visit our online shop now. With our current subscription service and shop offer we at Hakle want to support all those who want to subscribe to Hakle, which in the current situation due to quarantine measures, belonging to a risk group or are unable to obtain safe supplies of hygiene products on site due to a handicap.


Hygiene and well-being
in our time.

Between tradition and progress – Hakle, a company since 1928, but in the middle of today’s world. The modern societies live differently, more sensitively and more demandingly than 90 years ago, the year in which Hans Klenk founded his company. Individuality, environmental awareness, convenience and the search for diverse solutions to hygiene problems in bathrooms and in everyday life are now part of life. We face the challenges of our time and see them as an opportunity to combine tradition with innovation and attention to detail. Continuous improvement of products and services is a must for Hakle and all associated companies. Together, this is the “art” of developing and producing the best of paper for hygiene products. “The Art of Caring.”