Toilet Paper

Winter edition

Fairytale Forest

Hakle Winter edition

Pleasantly soft, safe and absorbent. Available in packs of 16.
Our Hakle products have been awarded the FSC® label. This certification guarantees that the pulp obtained for our toilet paper comes from exemplary managed forests and other controlled sources.
Hakle Winter edition – Toilet paper with unique comfort cushions.
Mit winterlichem Dekor. Dekor färbt nicht ab (Untersucht gemäß § 64 LFGB).

Comfortably through the cold.

The days are getting shorter and the weather is also making it clear: the cold season is just around the corner. High time to furnish your own home with the new limited edition Hakle Cold Season “Atmospheric Season” and wintery festive decor. Each sheet offers luxurious softness and security with its unique Hakle feel-good embossing. Hakle toilet paper is particularly gentle – even for sensitive skin during daily cleaning. The comfortable hygiene paper turns your bathroom into a feel-good place.

Quality and well-being – every day. With Hakle toilet papers, you experience your own personal care – natural, gently cleansing and soothing. Your individual extra in cleanliness, quality and care for well-being.