Toilet paper


Hakle Kamille


Natural care with chamomile scent and aloe vera extract

Our Hakle products have been awarded the FSC® label. This certification guarantees that the pulp obtained for our toilet paper comes from exemplary managed forests and other controlled sources.
Hakle Kamille  – Toilet paper with unique feel-good embossing. Air-permeable paper structure provides extra softness.
Discreetly scented core – without any questionable perfume oils. With a pleasant chamomile scent that pampers the senses.

Gently nourishing.

Hakle Kamille provides natural cleanliness and care. The soft toilet paper offers a completely natural care with chamomile and caring aloe vera extract. The unique feel-good embossing gives each sheet a very special softness. Hakle toilet paper chamomile protects especially the sensitive skin during daily cleaning. The delicate camomile blossom decor and the pleasant scent turn your bathroom into a place of well-being. Quality and feeling good – every day. With Hakle toilet papers you will experience your very own personal care – natural, gently cleansing and soothing. Your individual extra of cleanliness, quality and care to feel good.