The fresh feeling of cleanliness.

Hakle Feucht was the first moist toilet tissue to be launched on the market more than 40 years ago (1977).

Hakle thus revolutionised bathroom hygiene and at the same time created a generic term. Even then, Hakle Feucht stood for the very special feeling of freshness and cleanliness.


Hakle Feucht - The moist toilet tissue for your well-being

Well-being and cleanliness. Every day. Hakle’s moist toilet tissue is the perfect addition to your bathroom – whether with fragrance, especially suitable for sensitive skin, with delicate care or in our limited editions. Our large selection of moist toilet tissue not only takes into account the individual wishes and demands of our customers, but also the many aspects of the environment. At Hakle, for example, we make sure that the material of our carrier fleece comes from sustainable forestry: Water-soluble, flushable and biodegradable. So that disposal via the toilet can take place without any problems.


Sustainability as a demand on our moist toilet tissue

Our moist toilet tissue consists of a carrier fleece, which is made of natural cellulose. This is obtained from sustainable forestry and is therefore completely biodegradable (according to EDANA GD4). Our so-called Wetlace fleece (Hydraspun® Plus) serves as the carrier material for this. In addition, all Hakle Feucht products are free of microplastics.

We have high standards for the environmental compatibility of our products and are ambitious to push this standard even further. That is why we are researching together with a public utility company in our region to improve our product range even further and to offer products without any environmental impact in the future.

Our Hakle Feucht quality promise – good for you and for the environment

Best quality – completely natural. Our moist toilet tissue is dermatologically approved – without dyes, perfume and alcohol. This makes it particularly gentle on the skin. The caring carrier material of Hakle moist toilet tissue is particularly mild, pH skin neutral and vegan. All our product packaging is also recyclable.

Biodegradable and flushable: moist toilet paper does not only have to be pleasant to the skin. It should be easy to dispose of via the toilet and must also dissolve quickly in the sewerage system so as not to cause blockages at the water supplier.

We want to ensure that our moist tissues are easy and safe to use: because our moist tissues do not use synthetic fibres for reinforcement, they do not have a negative impact on the sewerage system and therefore on the environmental impact when flushed down the toilet. This is why all our moist tissues pass the Slosh Box test. This test shows that the paper has dissolved in water after a few minutes.

For the environment and people

  • Our moist toilet tissue is made from 100% natural cellulose
  • The moist toilet tissue is flushable and biodegradable and therefore good for the environment
  • The packaging of the moist tissues is recyclable
  • Good for the skin: the moist toilet tissue is produced without colouring agents, perfume and basically without alcohol

This is our moist WC tissue

A total of 42 sheets in each pack – for use at home, but also when travelling. Thanks to the re-sealable hygienic closure on the packaging, our moist tissues are particularly easy to handle – no matter which type, fragrance or care you choose. We always make sure that all Hakle Feucht products are free of microplastics so that you can use our products without hesitation.

  • 42 leaves in each Hakle Feucht package
  • Recyclable packaging with hygienic closure
  • Quickly soluble (Slosh Box Test)
  • Free from microplastic
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed

Moist toilet tissue for particularly sensitive skin

For our customers with particularly sensitive skin, we have the varieties Ultra Sensitive, ULTRA med with Hamamelis & Panthenol or the Hakle Feucht Pur in our range. Because your skin compatibility is important to us.

With the valuable extracts of Hamamelis and panthenol, the Hakle Feucht ULTRA med is particularly gentle on your skin and helps to prevent skin irritation.

The Hakle Feucht Ultra Sensitive provides moisture and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. It is pH skin neutral and free of colouring agents, perfume and alcohol. In addition, the Hakle Feucht Ultra Sensitive has been awarded the ECARF Seal.

Both the Hakle Feucht ULTRA med and the Ultra Sensitive are especially suitable for allergy sufferers and are recommended by the German Allergy and Asthma Federation.

The Hakle Feucht Pur are the first moist toilet tissues with a 99% purified water content. For a gentle and mild cleaning, all other ingredients have been reduced to a minimum.

Cleanliness and care – even when on the move

For all those who do not want to do without the clean and fresh Hakle feeling even outside their own four walls, when travelling or in the office, the Hakle moist is now available for travelling, with fresh flower scent. Thanks to the handy format of the travel pack with 10 sheets, the new Hakle Feucht fits in every pocket when travelling.

Hakle Feucht goes with the trend

With our ever-changing editions, we pick up on current trends, both in the design of the packaging and in the decoration and fragrance. Refreshment and variety: so that there is no boredom in the bathroom. So with our special editions you will always be up to date!

Hakle – Hygiene as tradition

More than 40 years ago, Hakle Feucht was the first moist toilet tissue to be launched on the market. Hakle revolutionised bathroom hygiene. Since then, we have set high standards for the quality of the material and the environmental compatibility.

Hakle moist tissues for disinfection

Free from bacteria and germs: By the way, a hygienic bathroom does not only include our moist toilet tissue: Hakle also offers moist tissues for disinfecting the toilet, for cleaning other surfaces and for hand disinfection. You can find these tissues in our online shop in a handy pack for when you are on the move – for hand and surface cleaning of toilets. Attention: Our cleaning cloths are not suitable for disposal via the sewerage system. They are regularly disposed of in household waste.