Kitchen towels

Warm Season Edition

Favourite days

With summerly strawberry decor. Decor does not stain (Tested according to § 64 LFGB).


Highly absorbent and tear-resistant


8 rolls of 45 sheets with decoration


Our DICK&DURSTIG products have been awarded the FSC® label. This certification guarantees that the pulp used for our kitchen papers comes from responsible and verified forestry.


DICK&DURSTIG is the ideal summer companion for whatever you have in mind.

In summer, we love to be outdoors and enjoy nature. The warm season gives us pleasure in many activities that were not possible before. Think of a picnic in the garden or a barbecue with friends. The limited D&D edition with strawberry decor for the warm season is the practical, versatile companion for outdoors and at home, extra absorbent to boot.