kitchen towels


Shine & Cleanliness

Due to current production changes, there may be different paper structures in Hakle paper until summer 2022.

Improved quality thanks to new paper structure.


Highly absorbent and tear-resistant

4 rolls of 45 sheets each, without decor


Our DICK&DURSTIG products have been awarded the FSC® label. This certification guarantees that the pulp obtained for our kitchen paper comes from exemplary managed forests and other controlled sources.

Cleanliness always and everywhere.

Whether for cooking and baking, in the household for cleaning and wiping up or as a practical helper in everyday life. The kitchen towels from DICK&DURSTIG are versatile
absorbent and particularly tear-resistant – for use at home and on the move.
Now also in a new look and with an innovative embossed structure for added quality.