Meadow becomes paper.

Grass as a raw material for hygiene- and kitchen paper.

Hakle recognised the great potential of grass as a natural and, above all, regionally renewable raw material and its use in paper production at an early stage. A few years ago, the idea was born to use grass for the production of hygiene paper.



Toilet paper with grass

Hakle Naturel – our first toilet paper with grass.

Hakle Naturel mit Gras
Produktbild Grass und Clean

Kitchen towel

Grass & Clean

With grass and fresh pulp

GRASS & CLEAN – the perfectly absorbent,
2-ply kitchen paper with grass.

Toilet paper


Soft, tender and with grass

Servus – the reliable toilet paper with grass.
– a quality product from Hakle.

Servus Toilettenpapier mit Gras