The Art of Caring

Cleanliness, cleaning and care are the prerequisites when it comes to maximum well-being with tissue papers. A requirement that applies to all products from Hakle. The production of these everyday papers is an art.

"With great passion we develop innovative products that accompany us in everyday life".

Volker Jung, managing partner

About us.

For over 90 years Hakle hygiene products have been faithful companions in our homes. Starting with the inventor Hans Klenk and his breakthrough in the toilet paper market, we have developed innovative products that accompany us in our daily lives.

So today, as in the future, we manufacture resource-saving products that are characterised by their biodegradability, recyclability and the use of alternative renewable raw materials – without sacrificing the comfort of care.

We took a big step towards sustainability with a toilet paper wrapped in paper, Hakle Papier Pur, and a moist toilet tissue with a minimum of ingredients, Hakle Feucht Pur. Now we have advanced our research in the field of alternative fibres to the point where we can also produce toilet paper with grass content. In this respect, our research goes far beyond the raw materials used so far.

In this way we want to fulfil the individual wishes of our users and at the same time respect the needs of our earth. After all, hygiene and sustainability go together excellently.

Hr. und Fr. Jung
Dr. Karen Jung and Volker Jung, Düsseldorf

Where to find us.

You will find our plants in Düsseldorf Reisholz. Here we have been producing our Hakle products, such as Hakle toilet paper and DICK&DURSTIG kitchen rolls, since 1999. Afterwards we supply our products to leading shops of the food retail trade and drugstores throughout Germany. But you can also buy Hakle toilet paper, Hakle Feucht and DICK&DURSTIG kitchen paper online. Just visit us at

Hakle Luftaufnahme
Aerial view of the Düsseldorf production site
Werk Hakle

What we stand for

As a company with a long tradition, values such as quality and reliability are particularly important to us. However, progress and sustainability are also essential components of our actions.
We are continuously working on the contemporary improvement of quality and optimal environmental compatibility of our products and production processes (sustainability).

We only process e.g. pulp of FSC-certified origin and, of course, occupational health and safety is also very important to us. In order to implement these standards optimally, we at Hakle work in a closed, integrated Management system in the areas of Quality, Environment and Energy.

We are committed to meeting consumer demand for sustainable products.