Artists explore paper

In fall 2020, four artists worked with the material paper in large-scale projects and installations on the company grounds of Hakle GmbH in a studio situation in an old factory hall in Düsseldorf-Reisholz. When the exhibition was to open, the 2nd wave of the pandemic began. On the occasion of the open studios “KUNSTPUNKTE 2021” the outstanding results are made accessible to the public.

Space for creativity

The artists created their works on site in the Petershalle, which Hakle has used as a warehouse since the 1980s. The studio phase was sponsored by Hakle with a work honorarium. Curator Paul Andreas, an art historian and architecture and design journalist from Düsseldorf, explains: “As the majority of the artists are self-employed, those working in art and culture have been particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis in terms of work and exhibition restrictions. We therefore wanted to support them financially – at a time when little was being done for them. But it was also about seeing what creative potential there is in what is actually a banal everyday product that only suddenly became very valuable to all of us during the Corona crisis.”

Visit the exhibition on site or digitally

The exhibition was opened to the public on August 21 and 22, 2021, between 12 and 6 pm. The number of visitors able to visit the hall at the same time was limited. A complete, proven vaccination, a negative test result, or a provable Covid19 infection at most six months ago and recovered were required. Appropriate testing facilities were available on site. Mask requirements and distance regulations applied. A virtual visit to the exhibition – with 3D and detailed images – was and is still possible at the following link.
However, individual works shown in the exhibition – due to the long corona break and natural processes – have undergone striking changes that are not yet visible in the 3D presentation.


Born 1989 in Berlin. Grew up in Småland, Sweden. Lives in Düsseldorf, Germany, since 2011, where he graduates in 2018 with a degree in photography from Prof. Christopher Williams at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Aurel Dahlgrün engages with the medium of photography in a variety of ways, reinterpreting old techniques and translating photographs into a wide range of reproduction forms – be it heliogravures on self-made paper, silver gelatin prints on baryta paper, or installations and artist books. In 2015, the artist received the Hogan Lovells Art Award. In 2018, his installation “19 weeks of water” convinced the jury of the Ehrenhof Award as the best final project of the Düsseldorf graduates.


Born 1970 in Mainz. 1991-98 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Nürnberg, from 1996 as a master student with Professor Tim Scott. In 1998 Angela Glajcar received the Werkstattpreis of the Erich Hauser Art Foundation, in 2005 the Emy Roeder Prize and in 2006 the Phoenix Art Prize. In 2007-8 the artist took over a guest professorship at the University of Gießen in the field of sculpture. Her works, exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, have been created since 2003 largely from large-format paper plates, which she tears and layers to create large sculptures whose cavernous voids are characterized by a special depth effect. The sculptural works are thereby created in a direct confrontation with space and place. Angela Glajcar lives and works in Nieder-Olm.


Born 1983 in Hattingen. 2000-2009 studied fine arts at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, since 2008 as a master student with Prof. Markus Lüpertz. Since 2010, the artist has participated in various artist-in-residence programs in Germany, France, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In 2016 she was a jury member for the Kunst- Boulevard, Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Bezirksamt-Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Berlin. Originally coming from painting, the artist often designs three-dimensional collages, assemblages and installations from everyday materials, which span a space of their own in a found location. The viewer is immersed for moments in a shimmering cosmos of colors and shapes. Julia Sossinka lives and works in Berlin.


Born in Rome in 1976. Worked for a long time as a creative for advertising agencies in Italy, Spain and Great Britain. In 2007 he quit his job at Saatchi & Saatchi in London to focus on the art project “Blue and Joy” together with Fabio La Fauci, started in 2005. The artistic collaboration of the duo continues until 2013. Since 2014, numerous installations by Daniele Sigalot have been created and presented in museums, galleries and private collections. In the process, objects are created that are characterized by a particular ambivalence in the perception of the material and its actual nature. From 2010-19 the artist maintained his workshop “La Pizzeria” in Berlin-Weissensee. In spring 2021, the artist was given the opportunity at the Milano-Malpensa airport to realize his large-scale installation “A portrait of everyone, everywhere”. Since 2019 Daniele Sigalot lives and works in Naples.